Researching and Catching Up

Wow.  Where did that time go?  I’ve finally found my way back to my website to update a little.

Thanks to my wonderful friends and family, Christmas and birthday saw me all kitted out for a year of creativity.  I received some great presents including books (Making Cushion Covers by Debbie Shore and Prints by Heather Ross) and beautiful fabric, some of which was designed by my husband and printed by Spoonflower.


Christmas and birthday pressies

I was itching to get going.  Then, head brimming with ideas, I did my usual trick of getting stuck at the research stage.

So my resolution to write at least one blog post a month went to pot, even though I seemed to be spending an eternity on the laptop. This time it wasn’t trawling through pages of gorgeous printed fabric that was distracting me.  It was researching other things. As usual, small ideas became quite complex as I entered the world of Google, and the simple task of ordering a few bits and bobs became quite an ordeal, albeit interesting.

Here is a list of some of the things I was researching:

  • Stuffing for soft toys (something a little more organic please than that wretched polyester stuff you get in bags at craft shops)
  • Absorbent and soft fabrics to use for bibs which would make life that little bit more comfortable for babies with their oh so sensitive skin
  • Softer than soft fabrics for baby/toddler blankets and comforters.

All of these things needed to be researched and ordered before I could get on and ‘make’ – one of the frustrating necessities of this game!  I will share what I found in future posts.  But for now, suffice to say I did find more or less what I was looking for.

Once the fabric and stuffing had arrived (yay!) I got busy with making:  a selection of baby comforters, baby/toddler blankets, bibs and tabard style wipe clean aprons.  Then came more little softies; some seasonal Snuggle Chicks and, a new line for the Tinny Tinies range, Sleepy Sheep.







 I have since held a stall at two more craft fayres – Over the Moon Baby and Toddler Fayre at Shoreham, and MArKEt at The Old Palace in Tarring, Worthing.  Both events were very enjoyable and I met plenty of interesting and like-minded people.  Now I just need to get myself booked in for some more events.

I’ve also been spending time getting myself set up with a Facebook page and keeping my Etsy shop well stocked.  So much to do but all good fun!  So all in all pretty busy.  Thanks for reading.  Will be back with more soon!







Tis the season to be jolly

HOORAY!!!!!  I have a local shop stocking my stuff!  A great booster for the end of the year.  It’s a  lovely little boutique called Baby Steps Boutique.  The boutique has only recently opened and stocks both pre-loved and new products for babies and young children.  The shop has been beautifully set up and has a good variety of clothes, toys, blankets, and other gifts and requirements  – a good place to shop if you know a new baby who has an older sibling needing some attention too.  Pop in if you’re local and have a browse.

Backtracking a little to the beginning of the season, the craft fayre at Broadwater Manor School in Worthing was a very enjoyable one.  There was a good variety of interesting stalls to kick off the festive season and the atmosphere was buzzing with early Christmas shoppers.  The stallholders were a mixture of staff, parents of children at the school and other members of the public who had heard about the fayre along the grapevine.

The day at Bartie’s Boutique in Worthing was also very festive.  Not as busy as expected so close to Christmas (15th December) but maybe the serious shoppers had already done their shopping and the rest were beelining for the pre Christmas High Street bargains.  Still quite a successful day for me with people buying a bit of everything for stocking fillers and gifts.

The EleFriends have been the thing that have really taken up most of my time. They have sold really well at craft fayres and I have been lucky enough to have had loads of orders through Etsy. People seem to appreciate the nostalgia attached to the idea of tucking a favourite toy up cosily before you snuggle down yourself.  I have found that most adults who buy them aren’t afraid to admit they’d secretly like one for themselves!  To keep stocks up for the Bartie’s sale I found myself in the company of EleFriends most evenings in the lead up to Christmas.

So what now?  I’m currently working on a raccoon which has been requested by a customer in Spain… fingers crossed it will turn out ok!  And I have some beautiful new fabric that I am itching to get started on.  Plenty to keep me out of mischief in the the New Year.





Getting out there

Just had a really successful sale at Bartie’s Boutique in Worthing.  It would seem that some people are out there buying for Christmas already!  Lovely venue, great atmosphere and best of all an in-house cafe so tea was on tap.

Cushions, bagged nick nacks and Elefriends were the items in demand.  The only trouble is my Etsy shop now needs restocking and I have another craft fair at Broadwater Manor School  on 17th November*.  Better get sewing again!

* The start time for this event has been changed.  The fair will now run from 12.00 pm until 4.00 pm.