Restocking with more cushions

I managed to get a few pictures of the process this time.  I actually bought this fabric to make a padded seat on top of a toy box but couldn’t resist the opportunity of having a few robots in my cushion collection.

First I cut out a 17″ square of the front fabric and a 17″x22″  rectangle of the back fabric.  I then cut the rectangle of back fabric in half to make two smaller rectangles, each 17″x11″.

The first sewing to be done was the all important zigzag stitch around all the edges to prevent fraying.

I then double folded and pressed one of the long sides of each rectangular piece of fabric before stitching…and then I stitched!

After all this preparation it was simply a matter of pinning the fabric together and sewing.  I placed the front piece of material face up and the back pieces on top, face down and overlapping at the centre.  I pinned this and then sewed all the way around the edges before turning the cushion the right way round.

The label was pinned inside at this point too and sewn into the seam.

I made 2 buttonholes on the outside flap of the back of the cover, measuring from the centre outwards.


Then the buttons went on the inside flap of the back cover before putting in the cushion pad and buttoning up.


One finished cushion!

And here are the others that followed.

Woodland critters

Spot the narwhal



Multicoloured monkeys


Bears walking in the woods

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