Hooray!  I’ve reached the stage where my cushions are selling so I thought I’d better get a post up about them quickly, more to have a record of what I’ve made rather than how I made them.

I have to say I do love a nice cushion. A huge comfort at the end of a long day, particularly when accompanied with a nice hot cup of tea and, dare I say it, a generous slice of something sweet.

The beauty of sewing things yourself is that choice becomes infinite. It gives you a chance to adorn your home with whichever colours, patterns or prints you desire.  Of course, it made perfect sense to make a few cushions.  What better use for that lovely fabric that I could hardly bear to cut?!

I wanted to make cushions with removable covers – for two reasons.  Firstly, for the more obvious reason of being able to wash the covers and secondly, for ease of posting if I were to sell one in my Etsy shop.

There are many different ways of making a cushion cover – opening at the side, opening at the centre, with zip, without zip, envelope style, with buttons, velcro, with piping or other edging or without…the list is endless.  I had recently discovered the buttonhole foot on my machine – an amazing little piece of equipment!- so finally decided on envelope style with centre opening and wooden buttons to fasten.

I don’t have any photos of how I actually made the cushions but will take some when I make my next lot and put them up on a later post.  Here are some pictures of the ones I have made so far.



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