Tinny Tinies

Every child likes to have a tiny friend who they can put to bed at night and wake up in the morning.  I’ve seen miniatures housed in matchboxes before but wanted something a bit more long lasting than cardboard.  Everyone knows how quickly those shiny new games boxes get demolished once they’ve been opened at Christmas! I was inspired by ‘wee mouse tin house’ on mmmcrafts.blogspot.com. What better than a mint tin to start off with? Thank you mmmcrafts for that top tip!  After a little wash and plenty of airing out the tin was ready.  Now all I needed to do was make a tiny friend and turn the tin into a cosy bed.

After a lot of indecision about what type of friend to make, Billy Bear was created.  I settled on a bear because bears are always a good place to start.  Quite simply, a classic.  I used  soft 100% brushed cotton for the main body and felt for his paws and ears. I stitched around the edges of the paws and ears for definition.

Then, with right sides facing and paws and ears in place, I stitched around the whole bear making sure to leave a gap for turning and stuffing.  Once turned I stuffed the bear with toy stuffing and then whip stitched the opening closed.  I used French knots for the eyes and nose, stitching the mouth on last of all…and Billy Bear was born!

Billy Bear at his beach hut.

Time to make Billy Bear a bed!  I got a small, rectangular piece of cotton fabric and made that into a pillow by stitching around three edges with right sides together, turning and stuffing with toy stuffing. I whip stitched the opening closed.


For the blanket I took a small, rectangular piece of fleece and stitched a zigzag pattern around the edges, providing both decoration and protection from fraying (thanks again to mmmcrafts.blogspot.com).



Time for bed Billy Bear…

Hopefully there will be more tinny tinies to come soon.

Snuggle up Billy Bear.


Lights out!


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