Those fun floury moments when baking with a toddler can become quite frequent.  We needed aprons!  Another excuse to get the sewing machine out.

I found some cotton canvas with an adorable elephant print which would be great for the project.

Pinning pattern to fabric

Ready to sew

After cutting out the fabric I stitched all around the edges to prevent fraying.  The preparation took some time but it was worth it for peace of mind that the apron won’t all fall to pieces.  Every edge was double folded and pressed before stitching.

Zigzag stitching around edges

Additional extras were a small strip of fabric along the top edge of the apron for practical, reinforcement purposes and a little pocket, purely for keeping all kinds of treasures safe.



The neck strap was sewn in with the reinforcement strip and the ties with the sides of the apron.  The pocket was added last of all with the label being sewn in at the same time.

Label – finishing touch!

The finished apron

The trouble with this apron, as I find with all aprons, was that the neck strap was just that little bit too long, resulting in a gaping front.  I wanted to keep the longer strap though as it was comfortable to put the apron on.  No child appreciates something tight being pulled over their head and having their noses squished in the process!  What it needed was a popper, otherwise known as a snap fastener.  Then once the apron was on comfortably, the top half could be lifted to allow a better fit.

I did consider using a D-ring but although D rings are fully adjustable, in my experience they tend to slip and need constant readjustment.  Not always that practical with floury or gooey hands.  The snap fastener on the other hand takes one pop and stays firmly in place.   So I invested in a great little gadget (another one of those things that you just never knew existed until you need one) and here is the result.

I then discovered more beautiful medium weight fabrics that I just had to buy.  As a result I have plenty of aprons to sell or to give away as presents.



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